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Problem of the Day #136: Optimal Dinosaur Placement August 2, 2011

Posted by Alex in : potd , trackback

Let $q(i)$ be the $i^\text{th}$ smallest integer that can be written as $F_x + 2^y$, where $x, y \in \mathbb{Z}$, $x > 0$, $y \ge 0$, and $F_x$ is the $x^\text{th}$ Fibonacci number. There are $105$ kids, numbered $1$ through $105$, such that the $i^\text{th}$ kid lives at coordinate $q(i)$ on a number line. We want to place a dinosaur at the coordinate $T$ such that the total distance that each kid has to travel to reach the dinosaur is minimized. Find $T$.



1. Eugene - August 2, 2011

fibonacci defined as f(1) = 1, f(2) = 2 or f(1) = f(2) = 1?

2. Albert - August 2, 2011

However, it doesn’t actually matter.