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Problem of the Day #46: Happy Alberts from Outer Space May 4, 2011

Posted by Aziz in : potd , trackback

In another world within the 4th dimension, Albert has been chosen to be cloned for the intergalactic space wars.

In their world, every day is an Albert day. Albert loves the idea and would like to travel there. To do so, Albert will use the 4th dimension, much like one would use a line to get from one point to another point.

Albert will jump off his own world onto a space station, The Albert, located in the Albertverse.

If we define Albert’s world by the points: (1,0,2,0), (-20,4,15,0), (17,13,20,0), and (-10,6,12,0) and the location of The Albert as: (15,4,3,-2), then find the spot in Albert’s world which minimizes the distance he has to jump in order to reach The Albert.



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