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Summer Contest 2011 Prizes June 25, 2011

Posted by Saketh in : announcement , trackback

The MPotD Summer 2011 Contest is now underway, and we are pleased to announce that competitors will be able to earn significant prizes throughout the summer.

Short-term rankings will be maintained for each of the first four two-week periods of the contest, and the top solver from each period will receive a $10 gift card of their choice. However, each competitor can only win this prize once.

Additionally, overall rankings will be maintained for the duration of the competition. At the end of the summer, top solvers will receive prizes in the form of gift cards of their choice. The top two finishers will also receive Bitcable gift cards, good for 6 months of web hosting.

$1^{\mathrm{st}}$ $\$100$ Gift Card+ $\$15$ Bitcable
$2^{\mathrm{nd}}$ $\$75$ Gift Card+ $\$15$ Bitcable
$3^{\mathrm{rd}}$ $\$50$ Gift Card
$4^{\mathrm{th}}$ $\$25$ Gift Card
Top $10$ Math Problem of the Day T-Shirt
Special Prize $\$10$ Gift Card or MPotD T-Shirt


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